Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kobe Bryant Pro Basketball For Symbian 9x

This game sports basketball, can be installed and played on all Symbian phones.

Download it here.

Name: Kobe Bryant Pro Basketball
Format: JAD
Capacity: 400Kb


Monday, March 17, 2014

Nitro Street Racing For 128x160 LCD

For users of Symbian phones, especially for fans of the game due to race.

Nitro Street Racing, you can download here. However, this can only be applied on Symbian phones with LCD screen size of 128x160.

Name: Nitro Street Racing
Format: JAD
capacity: 400KB


Friday, March 20, 2009

Tomb Raider Legend

One more game that supports on-screen LCD with 240x320 resolution, this file has a format sisx and sis only for Symbian phones system.

Adventure game
, which previously had been in the screened in theaters. This is a game that was taken from the movie Tom Rider, and was named the game Tomb Raider Legend.

Can be found here with free downloads, and enjoy the game.

Filetype: Tomb Raider Legend.rar
Filesize: 3. 27 Mb
Requirment: S60v5, Symbian OS 9x, Express Signed


Monday, March 16, 2009

Need For Speed Undercover

Symbian games that can invite you to try adrenaline to be winners, wild racing game here.

The game is using the file sis and SISX file, and only for Symbian s60 series mobile phone. With a good display of images and smooth graphics will make you more like and more vibrant.

Sis file free download SISX file for Symbian S60 phones and S90x

Filetype: Need For Speed Undercover.rar
Filesize: 2. 9 Mb
Requirment: S60v5, Symbian OS 9x, Express Signed


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Classic game, built from the manufacturer of this Nokia will you have with the game to download for free here. Suitable for you fans of the classic game, and can become your Symbian mobile game collection.

Sis or sisx format, it can be applied on symbian series 60 mobile phones. Enjoy the game.

Filetype: Bounce. rar
Filesize: 357 kb
Requirment: S60v3, Symbian


Sunday, March 8, 2009


Symbian Arcade games you can play directly, by moving files for Symbian is already in the folder. No more need to install, easy to do.

This game is a game of billiards, which is usually already installed on Symbian phones. Typically, this game appl exist only on your Nokia phone as a game that has been applied by default.

Your fans Bilyard game, can be downloaded free of charge. Sis file and sisx only for cellular Symbian, and supported on all versions of Symbian.

Filetype: Micropool.rar
Filesize: 450 kb
Requirment: S60v5, Symbian OS


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Game that will make you more anxious to be the winner, it's an arcade game that requires the mind to play it.

Mobile phone game version of the strategy sis and sisx format, you can have the game with sis file to download here for free. This fille, no need to be installed again, because it has a Symbian file that is ready to be attached to the System on your phone, then can be played directly.

Arcade game of chess, the game will be a Symbian application on your Symbian phone.

Filetype: Chessgenius.rar
Filesize: 60 kb
Requirment: S60v5, Symbian OS 9x, Express Signed




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